Gratitude Challenge

Sometimes I feel like I’ve got it all together and everything is under control. May I be completely honest? The past few weeks or so have definitely NOT been “sometimes.” After several months of somewhat smooth sailing in the chronic health issue department, I’m hitting rapids again. My issues are caused by hormonal imbalances, so when things flare up I never know if my body will act pregnant, teenager-y, menopausal, or some freaky combination of all the above.

The past couple days I’ve been a bit of a mess, physically and emotionally. There’s all this crap going on in the Middle East, things aren’t exactly perfect in the U.S., why do doctors insist on using pink IV catheters when I’m already nauseous, and on top of everything else, I’m going to be 30! It’s only three and a half years away, which is not that long. Someday I’m going to leave my 20’s behind forever and I don’t have any of the things I thought I’d have by the time I’m 30. (On that subject, I have no idea how I’m supposed to have 2.5 kids. But I digress.)

Yeeeeah, that is not the most productive mindset. So I was thrilled when I got picked for the gratitude challenge that’s been making the rounds. I’m not usually one for tagging people in things on Facebook, but it was such a mood booster for me, and I’ve received several comments and messages from people saying how much it encouraged them. So I thought I’d stop the “I’m going to be 30!” train and instead share my list from the gratitude challenge.

Here goes!

Day One
1.) ceiling fans
2.) water-based nail polish that doesn’t make me cough up a lung
3.) my wonderful kitty Esther!

Day Two:
1.) peppermint essential oil
2.) a morning walk with the hubby
3.) iced coffee

Day Three:
1.) cooler weather
2.) wonderful friends, both near and far, “in person” and online
3.) 80’s and 90’s sitcoms (don’t mock :P)

Day Four:
1.) the smell of homemade bread
2.) YARN!!!!
3.) Iced mint tea

Day Five:
1.) Messianism, and coming to know G-d as Abba and HaShem
2.) Sunshine
3.) lemon balm tea


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