Love/Hate Update 8/6/14

I started using this format for general updates when I had my previous blog, and I’m sticking with it! It’s great for when I either don’t have a lot to say or have plenty to say but can’t say it without throwing a huge tantrum. The second definitely describes me today!

-connecting with other women who cover their heads



-watching my husband watch “Sherlock”


-the sign for popcorn. You flick your thumb and finger upward starting with your dominant hand, and then do this with each hand a couple times. Best. Sign. Ever.

-getting to a place where I am starting to write out the full story of past church experiences

-the fact that I often have to pop Exedrin when I write about some of my past church experiences. Anyone who causes another human being this much pain and trauma ought to be ashamed of themselves.

-people who believe that genocide “can’t happen again.” Post-Holocaust genocide HAS happened and IS happening. Anyone who believes otherwise is a wackaloony, to put it nicely.

-the fact that there will always be spiritual abuse deniers. (I am going to write a lot more about this once I get all my thoughts in order, but in a nutshell, spiritual abuse is using a religious ideology to manipulate either a single person or a group or people)


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