“Toy Story” Then and Now

I recently watched “Toy Story” for the first time in years and couldn’t resist sharing my responses then and now. I’m deliberately keeping this short because the fatigue is kicking my butt today.

Toy Story” at age 8:

-I was completely fascinated with the animation style. This is totally going to date me, but “Toy Story” was the first full-length CG-animated film that Pixar ever produced, so it was a huge deal at the time.

-There was a kid in my class named Sid who I didn’t like all that much. He was your basic elementary school twerp; nothing too out of the ordinary. But after I saw “Toy Story” I liked him even less. (Sid, if you’re out there and you’re reading this, it’s nothing personal. I just had an imagination the size of Jupiter when I was a kid!)

Toy Story” at age 26:

-If the toys can talk and move around and all that, why the heck can’t the toy soldiers get off their stands and walk? I have already debated this topic with my husband and my sister. They both say that the stands are essentially part of the soldiers’ bodies, which makes absolutely no sense in my professional opinion. This is going to bother me forever. I will never let this go!

-Sid needs to have his butt hauled off to a child psychologist. I did not realize how dark the character of Sid is in that movie. I’m not the type to get paranoid about what kind of movies my future kids see, but I’m really not sure about “Toy Story” when they’re little. That part of the movie is extremely off-putting. I don’t exactly want to have to have the “some kids are clinical psychopaths” conversation with my kiddos.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I’ll be back soon! (I hope!)


4 thoughts on ““Toy Story” Then and Now

  1. There are probably more disturbing kiddie villains out there than Sid. (He seems worse now, when you know more about human psychology!) He’s torturing toys that only the viewers of the movie realize are more than inanimate objects.

  2. Haha yeah, now that I know more about psychology I pretty much can’t look at it any other way! For me, it’s all about WHY he’s torturing the toys. I highly doubt they’d get away with putting that in a kids’ movie these days, now that we know what we know about psychopaths and all.

  3. It beats Chuck E Cheese! Impression I get from what I recall of the movie was that he was somewhat smart & creative but bored & frustrated and didn’t come up with positive ways of channeling that energy (wow, that sounded New Agey) so he bullied his sister & the toys.

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