Why We Need to Scrap the Word “Millenial”

I am getting pretty sick and tired of everyone using the word “millenial”, as if people in their 20’s and 30’s are different from people who were that age 20 or 30 years ago. I am getting really sick of people telling me that being a millenial means I have certain needs that people who were my age 30 years ago did not have. That is complete and utter BS. How would my needs be any different if I was a 27-year-old living in 1985? I would still need healthy relationships and a sense of purpose. If by “different needs” you mean that social media culture makes it a lot more difficult to meet our innate relational needs, then say that. It’s the sociological climate that’s different, not our needs. I would argue that this “millenial culture” phenomenon is what perpetuates all the selfishness and entitlement in my age bracket that makes the older generations look on all of us with disdain.

Referring to people as “millenials” encourages prejudice. Any time you lump a group of people together, it’s bad news. Prejudice as letting fear or ignorance dictate our responses to things we don’t understand. By using one word to describe an entire sect of the American population, we are doing just that.


2 thoughts on “Why We Need to Scrap the Word “Millenial”

  1. People have been complaining about the next generation for well, millennia. And to be fair all the generations have names (Silent- pre WWII) Baby Boomers, Gen X etc. But agreed that all the generalizations about them are ridiculous. Some sociologists have decent theories about generations, but most of the popular articles written for marketers and such are crappy.

    1. Yeah, you’re right that complaining about the next generation is nothing new. There may be something to the sociology of it, though. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of generalizations out there, but we are all very much shaped by the social and cultural issues of our time. Also, I have my share of complaints about teenagers and pre-teens today. But those are based on my experiences with those age groups

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