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More in-depth update

I feel like my health situation has just about turned my life upside down, and in so many ways I don’t even feel like the same person I was when I started blogging (in both good and bad ways).so I thought I would give a more detailed update.

I’m pleased to report that I can now eat dairy in moderation!I can also eat any fruits and vegetables, though I have to be careful with acidic stuff on days I feel nauseous. I am gluten-free for the time being, but eating a couple of regular crackers today did not cause any symptoms. So I may be able to reintroduce more gluten into my diet so I can at least have the occasional treat. I really need a soft pretzel. Just thinking out loud here!
I’m currently experiencing a significant level of pain and mobility issues due to my fibromyalgia. Typing can be very exhausting and painful because of the pressure on my joints.i’ve got Siri on my phone and that is how I am texting, emailing, blogging, and using Facebook.I am having intermittent issues with blog post formatting, so please excuse grammar errors and weird spacing in my blog posts.
I’ve been asked how I am able to hand write, draw, and crochet. Those activities don’t put pressure on my joints in the same way as typing. I hold my pencils sideways, and I use pens and crochet hooks that have grips.The battle plan for my fibromyalgia treatment is kind of up in the air. There are lots of options for treatments, therapies, specialist at Cetera.there is a lot to be said for and against each option, just like with any kind of medical situation.
I honestly don’t know how much I will be writing about my treatment in the beginning. This is both because blogging takes a lot of work right now, and because I am still in the adjustment phase. It may be helpful for others to read about that phase ofA diagnosis, but I am not ready for that yet. Besides, a huge part of the emotional survival pieces thinking and writing about non-illness stuff. I think it would really help me if I put more effort into blogging about those things when I do have the energy to blog.
Have a great weekend, and I will be back on as I’m able!

Love/Hate Update


-yoga routines designed specifically for back pain

-figuring out how to get the blooming laundry up the blooming stairs independently.  Just being honest here!  Anyone with any kind of mobility issues knows what I’m talking about!

-warmer weather

-text chats with my sister in which we debate on whether or not vultures are gross and unnecessary.  (I lost one, by the way.  My claim that all the vultures in Disney movies are creepy did not stand up to the fact that my sister has a biologist friend who is studying vultures.)


-pollen.  Been hanging out in Hotel Yellow Zone a lot lately.  The asthma doc said it’s going to be a rough summer allergies/asthma-wise.  She wasn’t kidding!  Oy.

-Benadryl tablets.  Is it just me, or are they the most unnatural shade of pink ever?  Seriously, they look like they’re radioactive.

-how often I read about spiritual abuse these days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that more people are being brave and telling their stories.  But said stories never should have happened in the first place.

-when people deny the existence of spiritual abuse out of sheer arrogance and stupidity

-how difficult it can be to form meaningful relationships after being in toxic church environments