Love/Hate Update 6/10/15

I haven’t been writing much on here because I’m in the midst of some pretty intense self-discovery.  I’ve been writing, but it’s stuff that I don’t feel comfortable sharing, at least not right now.  Here’s a love/hate update since I haven’t done one of those in awhile.



-red nail polish

-reading outside

-reading yoga blogs from people of different religions and perspectives, especially other women who cover for whatever reason


-when “Christians” spew anti-Muslim sentiment.  Seriously, cut that the frack out.


-the fact that soft pretzels have gluten.  (Seriously, whose yarn-headed idea was that?!)

-having to have the flexibility of a rubber band regarding future career plans


2 thoughts on “Love/Hate Update 6/10/15

  1. Hi Kati! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I came on over to see what you are about and though I just skimmed your blog (this old lady has to get up early tomorrow to get to a class so it’s nearly bed time), I found myself relating to much of what you mention about yourself. Though I don’t have the same diagnoses as you, I, too, struggle with significant pain – in my hands with osteoarthritis and in my hips. I take pain meds for my hands that also “help” my hip pain – meaning I have no idea just how much pain I would actually experience since the meds mask it. I started yoga at the first of the year and it has helped immensely! I also have a hubby who is really great at deep tissue massage and works on me almost every day. For some reason, I have these muscles that just sieze up into hard knots and the massage breaks them down. We just went on an 8-day trip to DC as chaperones for 120 kids so no yoga and no massage so I am now slowly making my way back to the level of pain control I had before we left. Well, before this turns into a blog post, I’d better close. Take care! Ellen

    1. Hi Ellen, thanks for reading! Wow, chaperoning 120 kids?! I like kids, but 120? Wowzers. Kudos to you for doing that! And yeah, yoga is really saving my butt! Rainy days can still be rough, but the sunny days are MUCH better now that I’m doing it every day!

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