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Love/Hate Update 7/3/2015

This is going to be super quick because I feel like crap on a crayfish, to quote “Parks and Recreation.”


-“Parks and Recreation”, speaking of which.  I just got the schedule of events for my town’s Raspberry Days festival, and now I can’t look at it without thinking about the show and laughing hysterically.

-Lara bars.  Seriously, those things are saving my life right now.  No gluten or soy, but plenty of bonkers awesome deliciousness complete with a great carb/protein balance!

-teddy bears.  Don’t judge me.


-the fact that my insurance company thinks 12 tabs of Zofran (anti-nausea drug) a month is sufficient.  Methinks that decision should be made by professionals, as in people who actually use the stuff and know how many tabs people actually need.

-today.  Seriously, today needs to die.  I woke up feeling absolutely miserable and nothing I’m doing is helping.  I think my body morphed into an angry toddler when I wasn’t looking.

-the fact that this is the second holiday I’ve been sick for this year.  I spent this past Easter at home on my bed glued to my aromatherapy diffuser and jump-starting my lungs with the Ventolin every few hours like clockwork because my lungs didn’t feel like being lungs.  Tomorrow is Independence Day which I’ve really enjoyed the past few years (more for the family/framily togetherness than patriotism).  But since every part of my body and all their grandmothers decided to cop an attitude,  I’ll probably be spending most of the weekend with Netflix.

-fireworks.  Every year I have to ditch the hearing aids for a few days over the 4th because of all the legalized stupidity, a.k.a fireworks.  I really don’t appreciate this.  The Lupron shots made my existing hearing loss and crappy speech perception even worse, so going without my aids for a few days is just great.

-the fact that I am exactly 28 days away from seeing the fibro specialist, yet I feel bonkers horrible today.

Okay, you’re probably sick of all my complaining.  Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!