Sick Of Fibro!

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Honestly, I haven’t really wanted to because the things I absolutely have to do have been overwhelming. I have to get ready to move in six weeks. I have to catch up on all the routine appointments that I skipped during my Lupron stint because no way did I have energy for it back then. I don’t really have enough energy for it now, but I can’t put it off anymore. and of course there is the daily chronic illness maintenance. So writing wasn’t at the forefront of my mind for most of the summer.  
The other issue is that, when my fibro is really flaring up, Writing can be extremely difficult. My new ipad is a lot easier on my hands, and of course I can always use Siri. But putting words and sentences together can be really difficult when I’m having brain fog. How anyone can work with fibro is beyond me. I can barely get my brain to tell my hand to turn a flippin’ doorknob. Lately I’ve been pretty envious of anyone with fibro who can still pass as normal. I want to demand to know how they do it, because having a head full of cotton balls and limbs made of lead impaled with broken glass is getting old fast.
I’ll write again when i can, but I can’t make any promises about how soon that’ll be.


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