Love/Hate Update 12/2/15

I know my blogging consistency has been craptastic lately.  And realistically, I’m not sure how soon that will change.  I do want to write more (blogging and otherwise), but right now my PT sessions and my PT “homework” is taking up most of my energy.  I’m also realizing that I just don’t function well when I don’t keep my living space clean and organized.  So that’s where most of my time and energy needs to go right now.

I did manage to throw together a love/hate update, so here you go!


-The new apartment!  Justin and I were housesitting for my parents while he was in school.  (They are now retired and RVing.)  We moved into our own place at the end of October.  My body LOVES it here.  There are three elevators, so there’s a plan B and a plan C if the one closest to our unit breaks down.  We have our own washer and dryer, so I can do several teeny loads instead of one big mammoth load.  The building is only 15 yers old, so there aren’t any mold issues.  My asthma has been flaring up a lot less since we moved here.

-reading about random acts of kindness

-green tea, all kinds of flavors!


-systems that perpetuate spiritual abuse and other types of abuse while pretending to have it all together.  (I’m talking to you, Duggar parents!)  Toxic chemicals come with warning labels.  It should be the same for religious institutions.

-all the crappy societal messages about how we should hate our bodies and shame ourselves for indulging in holiday goodies

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