Some Uncomfortable Realities of Life With Chronic Illness

I’m not going to lie:  I just had a really tough week.  I mean a Really. Tough. Week.  I’m not referring to lovely TMI symptoms, although there were some of those too.  I’m talking about the nitty-gritty, cold hard realities.  At first I was hesitant about sharing all this.  After all, there’s a reason no one tell you these things:  they’re uncomfortable.  But ignorance is where misconceptions start, so I’m taking the plunge and sharing the more uncomfortable realities of life with an illness that isn’t going anywhere.  Here goes!

1.)  My illness puts me on house arrest more often than I care to admit, especially in the dead of winter.  I just went five days without leaving my apartment.  My record is 18 days.  It’s not a matter of “just getting out more”, so if that is what you were going to say to me, kindly shut your cookie hole.  Sometimes I literally just can’t get out.  A mobility service dog will increase my chance of being able to get out, but until or less I am accepted for one, this is the reality.

2.)  In addition to being painful and miserable, chronic illness is as boring as hell.  This week I actually bawled like a baby, not because I was depressed, but because I was so blooming BORED!

3.)  On days I can’t work, socialize, or read, I will blow out brain cells watching TV because that is far better than letting soul-killing depression sink in.

4.)  Depression and suicidal thoughts are extremely  common in people who life with chronic illness.  Honestly, if I live alone, I’d probably be dead by now.

5.)  Rude comments are heartbreaking.

6.)  Sometimes shaving is a non-event.  This isn’t about making feminist statements.  It’s about making the statement that I am too exhausted and hurt to shave.  (Yes, hurty is a word.  Deal with it! :p)

7.)  On the really bad days, the “invisible illness” concept feels like a myth.  I don’t understand how people don’t see it.


5 thoughts on “Some Uncomfortable Realities of Life With Chronic Illness

  1. This sums up every emotion I currently feel as I am approaching my one year of illness and am experiencing a rough patch at the moment – also housebound.
    My thoughts are with you.
    It is really unfortunate and your last point sums up everything.
    How can they not see this?!

    1. I’m so sorry you are housebound! I have been housebound so many times during the past year and a half. It really sucks. Are you on Instagram? I have been using it to connect with the chronic illness community. My user name is khammar29. I think it’s also in the “Follow Me” section of my blog. I’m about to go double check.

  2. 3) Nothing wrong with watching TV or movies when you don’t feel up to other things. I typically don’t as I find our AV set up a bit intimidating. My fave thing to watch when sick is Disney or kid-fare. (Always age-appropriate IMO) 4) Yes, if I were not in a relationship I would need a very committed roommate/friend or maybe a therapy animal. Dan is also my therapy animal LOL. 6) The not-shaving thing isn’t just a chronic illness thing. I don’t do it during non-shorts whether. I mean, why bother? Though I just joined a Y, so people can see my hairy legs there. Don’t care…

    1. Yeah, I don’t shave much even in the summer because I wear long skirts now. Although the leggings on my swimsuit skirt are capri-length so I may decide to start shaving once my physical therapist gives me the green light to start swimming. And I hear you on the therapy animal! I would totally need one if I wasn’t married! I could not live alone in my condition, and I’m so so so grateful that I’m not alone!

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