Monthly Archives: June 2016

Love/Hate Update 6/15/16

I’ve hit another blogging low.  I’m done apologizing for that, though.  Sometimes my health kicks my butt, and there isn’t a darn thing I can do besides take care of myself the best I can.  I want to start posting more about what I’m reading.  I’m working on a post about the books I read in May.  But for now, here’s another love/hate update!


-Herbalife green tea.  I am seriously obsessed with this stuff!  Click here to check out my Herbalife website!  I’ve also posted pics of it on my Instagram account, khammar29.

-Esther snuggles

-chocolate cake

-spending time with Justin in the evenings


-all the stupidity on the internet.  I can’t even.

-how I second-guess myself all the time and overthink every little decision

-how I constantly make up BS excuses to avoid writing

-being accused if being anti-feminist because I wear nail polish and have no desire to pursue a career in math or science.  I never said that women and left-brain careers don’t mix.  I’m saying Kati and left-brain careers don’t mix :p

I guess that’s all for now!