BEDS Day 2: Coconut chips are a thing!

This morning I was watching a monthly favorites video on YouTube.  This woman was raving about coconut chips.  I love coconut and I always need more ideas for gluten free snacks, so I may have hopped onto Amazon and there may be some en route as we speak.  Which I guess proves the idea that parents should be judicious about what their kids see on the internet, lest they get ideas! :p

Also, it’s officially Pumpkin Spice Season!  I’m not a huge fan of cold pumpkin flavored drinks, but I love warmer pumpkin drinks and I love anything pumpkin spice scented.  I found out that there is such a thing as pumpkin spice lip balm, so now I just need to find an organic version!

For anyone who thinks I’m weird for liking Pumpkin Spice Season, I want to remind you of 2 things: 1.) I spent half the summer in a furnace and need all the fall things I can get, and 2.) there are people who like golf and football and all kinds of things that are waaaay weirder than Pumpkin Spice Season! :p

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back for day 3!




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