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Day 16: Awakening Game Series

Over the past week or so I’ve gotten hooked on the Awakening game series, which is available for Mac and iOS devices.  The first two games are available for Mac only, and the rest are compatible with iPads.  You play the role of Princess Sophia, who has woken up after being asleep for a century only to discover that she is the only human left in the world.

I love everything about these games.  The scenery is gorgeous, and the music is soothing and weirdly effective at reducing my pain level sometimes.  There are a bunch of puzzles and mini games you have to solve, which are more challenging than you might think.

If anyone has recommendations for other fantasy games I’d love to try them out!


BEDS Day 12: Guess What’s In the App Store?!

The best thing that could possibly happen today has happened:  I discovered Cluefinder games in the Mac app store!  My sister and I were obsessed with these games when we were kids.  I downloaded 4th Grade Adventures and I was slightly disturbed to realize I still have most parts of the game memorized.  My sister’s impression of the villain was absolutely hilarious.  While I’m glad I found a way to play the games on my Macbook Air, I’m slightly disappointed that I don’t have an excuse to get a vintage iBook, since those things are so adorable!

Okay, arthritis pain in my hands is skyrocketing so I’m going to end this here. Woohoo I’m actually making headway on the BEDS posts!

A Big Bang Theory-Style Review of My Week

Since I’m weird, I decided to write an account of recent events in the style of Big Bang Theory episode titles and synopsies.  Here goes!

The Star Wars Spoiler Dilemma:

Justin is afraid that his coworkers are going to share spoilers about the new Star Wars movie and decides he must see it this weekend.  Kati decides she must Netflix and binge-watch episodes 4-6 so she can see the new movie with Justin.  (she would like it known that she has, in fact, seen most of A New Hope, but that was forever ago.) She is outraged to discover that everyone and their grandmother has wait-listed every copy of episodes 4-6 in existence EVER.

The Cacao Powder Mishap:

Kati opens a shipment of hippie-chick organic stuff only to discover that the bag of cacao powder has sprung a leak.  After washing her hands several times, she still smells like cacao and will likely go to her grave smelling like cacao.  Which is, admittedly, better than smell that ensued the time a baby got sick and puked all over her.  

The Geekery Realization:

Kati plays a game in Facebook in which you replace random words in movie titles with the word “spoon.”. Every title she lists could be considered geeky, and she decides she has lived with Justin too long.

The Indiana Complication:

Kati is feeling like she is on top of holiday prep until the Christmas cards she orders online somehow end up in Indiana, forcing her to frantically run to the store for more cards.  

The Norbert Suggestion:

Justin mentions a coworker’s service dog in passing.  When he can’t remember the dog’s name, Kati vehemently suggests that they call him Norbert, much to Justin’s chagrin.  

The Lizard-Spock/Fire Interlude

While waiting outside during a fire in one of the other apartments, Justin and Kati play “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock.” While writing this post, Kati remembers that the game was her idea and cannot believe what a geek she’s become!