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Love/Hate/Interesting Update 3.27.17

I know it’s been ages since the last time I blogged about anything.  My personal life is going to get a lot crazier before it gets calmer.  Eventually I might write about some of the stuff going on when I feel like it’s the right time, but right now I need to deal with everything in private.  Thanks for your understanding!

Some days I have roughly the thinking capacity of a Marshmallow Peep, so I thought doing a Love/Hate update would be a good way to tiptoe back into blogging.  I’m also going to start adding an “Interesting” category to these updates for random tidbits that don’t fit into the “Love” or “Hate” categories.


-My service dog Vegas!  I just realized I haven’t written about him at all, so here’s the official announcement: I GOT MY SERVICE DOG!!!!  His name is Vegas and he’s a two-year-old English chocolate lab (so basically an American lab that looks like it shrunk in the dryer).  I’ll do a longer post about him complete with photos once I have the proverbial ducks somewhat superglued into a row.

-Chocolate. I’m female, it’s delicious.  Need I say more?

-Parks and Recreation.  There is no such thing as seeing this show too many times.  Leslie Knope would make an awesome president!



-The horrifically large amount of bullshit that is out there, both on the internet and in general.  In the words of Scar from “Lion King”, I’m surrounded by idiots.  It’s getting old, to put it nicely.



So apparently eyes can get freckles!  I finally quit putting off going to the eye doc, where I learned that one of my eyes has a freckle.  I didn’t even know eyeball freckles were a thing, but apparently they are.  (Side note: Eyeballs look like Mars in photos. Just saying.)  The freckle doesn’t have any feeder vessels, so they know it’s not a tumor.  (I mention that because I totally heard “It doesn’t have any feet or vessels”! 😛 LOL)

Okay, that’s it for today!  If you have any questions about service dogs you’d like me to answer, leave them in the comments, and I’ll address them in a future blog post or vlog!


Love/Hate Update 4/4/2016

Hi everyone!  Sorry it’s been forever since my last post.  The past few weeks have been a mess of pain flares and stomach bugs and mental health junk, and I think I want to live in a giant bubble to ward off misfortune.  But I digress.  I finally feel like blogging again, so here’s a love/hate update!



-Praying in Color.  It’s helping me feel a little bit less awkward about where I am spiritually.  Check out Praying In Color by Sybil Macbeth.  You won’t be sorry!

-Stress Away Essential Oil from Young Living.  It’s like a tropical vacation in a bottle.  Click here to purchase!

-Parks and Recreation.  This show solves any problem.



-feeling like something is wrong with me because I don’t have the energy to be the person I was before I got sick.  I feel like people who knew me before then don’t recognize me anymore.  I also feel like this is all my fault somehow.

-All the planning and research I have to do in order to eat out safely at new restaurants.  Half the menu from the local Chinese place is out due to gluten, shellfish, or cross-contamination from shellfish.  I have talked to managers on more than one occasion, not to complain but to make sure my food is safe.  I hate having to do that, but the reality is that my shellfish allergy has gotten worse over time.  It’s much better to be safe than sorry.  Wearing an alert bracelet helps me feel like it’s more “legit” but sometimes I just want to go out to eat without having to be hyper-vigilant!

-when people who are not gluten-intolerant request gluten-free food at restaurants.  These people have no respect for the extra care and prep work that goes into making gluten-free food.  When I order something that is GF and ask them to put an allergy alert card on my plate, I thank them from the bottom of my heart.  People who aren’t gluten intolerant should count their lucky stars.  It’s a medical necessity, not a lifestyle choice.

I guess that’s it for now.  Hope you’re all doing well!





Sick Of Fibro!

Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Honestly, I haven’t really wanted to because the things I absolutely have to do have been overwhelming. I have to get ready to move in six weeks. I have to catch up on all the routine appointments that I skipped during my Lupron stint because no way did I have energy for it back then. I don’t really have enough energy for it now, but I can’t put it off anymore. and of course there is the daily chronic illness maintenance. So writing wasn’t at the forefront of my mind for most of the summer.  
The other issue is that, when my fibro is really flaring up, Writing can be extremely difficult. My new ipad is a lot easier on my hands, and of course I can always use Siri. But putting words and sentences together can be really difficult when I’m having brain fog. How anyone can work with fibro is beyond me. I can barely get my brain to tell my hand to turn a flippin’ doorknob. Lately I’ve been pretty envious of anyone with fibro who can still pass as normal. I want to demand to know how they do it, because having a head full of cotton balls and limbs made of lead impaled with broken glass is getting old fast.
I’ll write again when i can, but I can’t make any promises about how soon that’ll be.